How To Soundproof A Garage?

Soundproof homes are the best ones, especially ones with silent garages. Of course, no one wants a noisy neighborhood.

If you are looking for how to soundproof your garage, you are on the right page. We have all the tips to share and make your garage a perfect nest for noisy activities. 

how to soundproof your garage

 Why Soundproofing A Garage Is Important?

You may wonder why soundproofing is important but whether you have a home garage or a professional garage, soundproofing them is like bringing peace to life. The noise of vehicles is simply killing and many times, not at all welcome. 

Also, garages serve as an activity room to carry out your favorite timepass hobbies. They can be used for carpeting, music, or even as men’s caves to play games and have some party time with friends.

Now getting complaints of noise while doing your favorite activity is heartbreaking. Installing soundproofing can save you!

How To Soundproof A Garage? 

If you want to soundproof your garage. Simply take a deep breath and relax because it’s an easy deal and you can do it step by step.

First analyze the options,  if you already have a garage or you are going to alter the existing one.  

When you are building a new garage, here is a little secret that no builder will tell you. You can have a soundproof garage from the very beginning. If your walls are 9-inches thick, they are quite soundproof.

Most builders build walls that are 4 inches thick. These are ok but not at all soundproof. Usually, attached bathrooms, kitchens, and garages have thin walls because it saves building costs. 

So if you are building a new home, insist your builder build thick walls for better soundproofing. Those who already have a garage can install soundproofing with different techniques. Here are a few.

residential garage

Starting From The Door

  • You can start soundproofing your garage from the entrances. Install acoustic panels. They are usually not very expensive and are effective in stopping sounds. 
  • Garages are noisier when doors are open or have gaps. Mostly it’s those gaps that allow the sound to pass out. Use sealants to fill gaps in the door. 
  • Mass-loaded vinyl also seals the gaps and stops sounds from leaving the garage. (Also read different types of sound insulation to know about more techniques for blocking sounds).
  • Garage doors can also be sealed by installing weather stripping. Using high-quality weather stripping can prevent sounds from coming out.
  • You can add door gaskets and rubber panels beneath the doors to make them soundproof. Although sometimes it needs a professional installation for perfect results it’s worth it. It makes your garage door a perfect barrier to sound.
  • Garage door soundproofing kits are also available in the market.
  • Install a wood-ply or foamy sheet to block sound. This is a very budget-friendly solution. People also Install fiberglass sheets against doors but that can be very expensive. 
  • Fiberglass is good if you are looking for a temporary or removable soundproof solution. You just have to stick the panel with suction hooks and you can remove the blanket whenever you want. The same blanket can be used for other places at home, like rooms. Read Tips on soundproofing your room.

If Soundproofing your door is done right, then half of your work is complete. Because doors allow sound to pass through those weak links around the installation.

Filling the gaps, blocking the space from beneath, and protecting the door with a sheet or blanket makes it perfectly well insulated.

interior garage layout

Protect Your Walls

It’s important to install soundproofing on your walls too. This lets you play your little hell show with full boom where secrets will be buried along with the activity.

Enjoy the loud music, shout while gaming, beat the nails hard with a hammer, or use carpentry tools, all your secrets are safe with soundproof walls.

Now if you are looking for how to soundproof an existing wall, use 

  • Additional sheet to protect the sound from going out. There are pasting sheets available that can be applied easily as a DIY project.
  • You can use acoustic blankets to protect walls.
  • Add another layer of the drywall for a hushed environment. Though this could be a hectic job and needs professional installment but once done will do the job. 
  • Use paint with resin and fillers. It allows you to fill those tiny spaces making the wall completely sound resistant. This is a simple and cost-effective way to insulate your garage. 
  • People also install insulative wallpapers to block the sound. This needs careful application but you can apply it easily.

Soundproof Garage Ceiling

Most garages are in the basement or on the ground floor. Imagine a dance of macabre going under your feet. It’s important to soundproof a garage from the ceiling too. Or the sound whether air bourne or structural will pass through the garage.  

Here we will again suggest that if you are building a new garage, install soundproofing during the process. If you want to install insulation in an already existing ceiling, your options are 

  • Add a layer of soundproofing rather than tearing apart your existing ceiling. 
  • Remember everything absorbs noise. Installing decorative sheets, soft thick fabric of some kind, or pasting foamy material to the ceiling will help to lower the noise. 
  • If you will soundproof place above your garage,  it will ultimately make your garage ceiling soundproof too.  So if you are thinking about ways to soundproof your house,  try a clever approach and you will save quite an amount. 

What To Keep In Mind While Soundproofing A Garage?

  • Make sure you have covered all the area including doors,  ceilings,  walls, and windows(if you have any). 
  • A little peep can leak all the sound. Most people ignore steps that require focus like filling up places near doors or windows joints. So if you want to keep the noise within walls,  pay attention to little details. 
  • Focus on quality rather than budget. Although the budget is important here but soundproofing your garage cheap is not the ultimate goal here. Spending bucks and no results mean all money wasted.  You might not go for very expensive solutions but whatever you are choosing, chose high-quality products within the range. 
  • Carefully manage the interior in a garage. For example, furniture in a man cave for gaming and music instruments for rehearsal are two different kinds of interiors. Later will absorb less sound. Install other things to make the room more sound absorbent. 

We hope we have made well of your place with our tricks and tips. Enjoy your privacy!